At Cobham Court Landscaping we provide a complete landscaping service from initial concept and design through to installation of structures and features, to the final touches of planting and ongoing maintenance instructions. We help you to maximise the potential of your outdoor space that creates enjoyment for you and your family, year-round.


We work with you to turn your visions into a reality. With 15 years’ experience in the industry, our team of experts will ensure that every project, from large-scale, comprehensive projects to small, unique designs, is focused on wants and needs specific to you.

Whether it’s to create a functional front driveway, or to add comfort to your garden dining area or to build an outdoor greenhouse or cabin, we offer a wide range of hard landscaping services that could transform your home.


For us, the finer touches are as important as the larger features and structures. Creating a space that is an extension of your home plays a huge part in making your garden the outdoor oasis it should be. We will choose the right turfing, foliage and plants that bring sights, sounds and smells to life.

As a certified Millboard specialist, we provide an extensive range of decking options. Taking pride in our craftsmanship, we will only use premium products and methods ensuring that our work exceeds client satisfaction.


Bring style to your garden

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